Since 2008, the AMS!-Theater has been a space to experience art & culture and to be able to produce it yourself. With a focus on long-form improvisation, a community has emerged that supports, inspires and constantly reinvents theatre. Our community is open to anyone who wants to create theater and dream of what else AMS! can be.

Our Community

Since the founding of the non-profit organization in 2008, the AMS!-Theater has developed into an established cultural center that is geared towards the needs of local people at various levels according to its four principles of community, low-threshold, diversity and high quality. As an association, we are open to people who want to create a theater and dream of what else AMS! can be.

Interested people who are looking for a place of informal encounters can meet in our association for their own projects - for example, members come together for juggling and clown rehearsals, for yoga or kung fu, for writing texts for stand up or for sketch scripts, but above all for improv jams. The AMS! sees itself as a place of openness and co-creation.

Our Values

The AMS! wants to offer an inclusive and non-discriminatory space and welcomes all people to achieve this goal with us. This means that in the AMS! There is no place for racism, sexism, homophobia or any form of discrimination. As an association, we have written down the most important principles of cooperation in a code of conduct. This applies to all activities that are part of the AMS!: on stage, in school, in the community and everything else that may come. If you ever feel uncomfortable with us, if you are discriminated against or harassed, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can reach our anti-discrimination person at

What happened until now…

In 2006, the first AMSeln met each other in a theater seminar at the University of Bremen and discovered their common passion. With the founding of the association in 2008 and the first production Fette Männer im Rock (Fat Men in Skirts) in the same year, they took it out of the lecture halls and enriched the independent scene in Bremen with a young theater. A period of scripted plays followed, in which all members worked together on the productions (Drei Mal Leben (2008), Melancholie (2009), Das Schwert (2010), Totenfloß (2010), Geschlossene Gesellschaft (2011)).

  • Neues Logo, neue Heimat - in den Pusdorf Studios (2021)

  • Puppenfantasien (2016)

  • Konsumentzug (2016)

  • Die ersten eigenen Räume im Viertel (2015)

  • Last night (2013)

  • White rabbit red rabbit (2013)

  • Improshows im Lagerhaus, Dete, Schlachthof (2012-2015)

  • Beansbeansbeans (2012)

  • Störkörper (2012)

  • Erste Gehversuche mit dem Harald (2012)

  • Erste Show, Jennifers Elch (2012)

  • Der Anfang - Montagsimpro im Schlachthof (2011)

  • Aller.ort (2011)

  • Explosiver Kellerclub (2011)

  • Geschlossene Gesellschaft (2011)

  • Totenfloss (2010)

  • AMS Cube Circleline (2011)

    These productions attracted a lot of interest and some people switched from the audience to the actors and joined the AMSeln. As a result, the club continued to grow. At the same time, there was a slow change from student to professionalized and financially subsidized projects. These also found new forms outside of the classic theater stage, such as the festivals Zwischenmiete (2010), Aller.Ort (2011), Explosive Kellerclub 1 (2011), AMS!Cube Circleline (2011), Explosive Kellerclub 2 (2013), DreiMeterBretter (2013), PflegerundSammler (2013).

    In addition, some AMSeln allied themselves with other organizations and more and more cooperation entangled the association and allowed it to grow into a network (among others, Einfach Grün (2011), White Rabbit Red Rabbit (2013), Last Night (2013), globale° festival für grenzüberschreitende Literatur (2014-2019), Gallerie am Schwarzen Meer as part of a DADA Festival (2016) and ams&asm). In addition to scripted theater, dance and the performance art have also made their way into the repertoire: Öffnungszeit: Block Knock Knock (2011), Störkörper (2012), Konsumentzug (2016) and Puppenfantasien (2016). Experiments with a rather humorous approach were offered by various small musicals at the Breminale and in the Kellerclub at the Explosive Festival.

    In 2015 the AMS! finally fulfilled the dream of having their own space and moved into a former record store at Fehrfeld 26 in the heart of the Viertel in Bremen. Due to growing interest in long-form improvisation, however, the room soon became too small, so that in 2020 they moved over the Weser and into the Pusdorf Studios. December 2022 the AMS!-theater longed for their own room. This time in an old bakery just in the middle of the Neustadt (Friedrich-Ebert-Straße 119). Since 2023, the in-house teams Frauen auf See, Schmü:tzt, Callbacks & Punchlines, Marias Drillinge, Spaghetts, WUMMS, Spielen mit Kunst, Streichzart, Irgendwas mit Liebe and have been performing there regularly.